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Green Biologics is selected for Cleantech 100 Award
GBL announces agreement to construct major demonstrator plant with Laxmi Organics of India

Green Biologics Ltd (GBL), the Oxfordshire industrial biotechnology company developing renewable chemicals, has been listed in the prestigious Cleantech 100 Awards compiled by Library House, a leading technology ventures and investors research organisation.

The listing comes as GBL’s Chief Executive, Sean Sutcliffe, announced the launch of a £3.5 million fundraising round as GBL rolls out its technology to global markets.

As part of this roll-out, GBL also announces the signing of an agreement between GBL and Laxmi Organic Industries to develop and construct a commercial scale demonstrator for biobutanol in India. Laxmi Organic Industries is a leading Indian biochemicals manufacturer that ranks among the world’s top 10 producers of ethyl acetate.

The Cleantech 100 represents the top group of private cleantech companies in Europe, deemed to represent the hottest prospects for the future and selected using Library House’s data filters and an expert panel of cleantech investors and company leaders. With the selection criteria including growth potential and environmental impact, the Cleantech 100 companies are believed to be those firms that are most likely to change the world for the better.

GBL has developed a unique and sustainable fermentation technology for the production of biochemicals from waste and by-product feedstocks, including using molasses, a by-product of sugar production.

During the past year, GBL has completed a series of important milestones relating to the development of its butanol production process, which include the installation of a fully-operating 300 litre pilot plant for butanol production at its Milton Park headquarters, the installation of a 140 litre pilot plant for thermophile fermentation testing and new patent filings.

CEO of GBL, Sean Sutcliffe, said: “We are honoured to receive this Award and delighted that it recognises the substantial impact Green Biologics can have on the global biochemicals and advanced biofuels sector through the adoption of our unique technology for the conversion of by-products and waste feedstocks to butanol.

“This Award comes at a particularly interesting time for GBL as we take a major step forward in the commercialisation of our technology with the successful conclusion of our agreement with Laxmi Organic Industries. We will be working with Laxmi to develop and build a commercial demonstrator plant in Mumbai that will be run on molasses, a sustainable by-product from the Indian sugar industry, and produce 1,000 tonnes of butanol per annum. We are aiming to have the plant fully operational in 2010.”

Commenting on the company’s funding round, Mr Sutcliffe said: “We are looking to secure £3.5 million. This funding will enable us to progress the development of our commercial demonstrator plant in collaboration with Laxmi as well as to build sales and support operations in key markets and make further advancements with our technology platform.”

Chairman of GBL, Dr Andrew Rickman OBE, who has also been an investor in the company since its early days, said: “Our agreement with Laxmi, combined with the significant milestones GBL has achieved over the past year and the recognition conferred by the Cleantech 100 Award, is a welcome validation of our approach in focusing on the commercialisation of our biobutanol production process. We are addressing a global market where the UK, through companies like GBL, has a leading technology to offer.”

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1. CEO of GBL, Sean Sutcliffe, with the management team at GBL’s pilot plant at Milton Park, Oxfordshire. GBL has been listed in the Cleantech 100 Awards and announced the launch of a £3.5 million fundraising round, with some of the funding to be used to construct a major demonstration plant in India.

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About Green Biologics
Green Biologics Ltd (GBL) is a leading industrial biotechnology company developing
sustainable and cost-effective fermentation technology for the production of biochemicals from the fermentation of sugars derived from process effluents and by-products from existing industrial and agro processes. The use of these novel feedstocks diverts waste away from landfill, reduces the need for expensive waste treatment and avoids the use of food crops.

Technical development is supported by a microbial platform technology based on a unique and proprietary collection of heat loving micro-organisms (thermophiles) and thermostable enzymes.

GBL focuses on the production of biobutanol. Butanol is an important commodity chemical and used as a precursor for a range of polymers and plastics. Biobutanol is also a superior “next generation” biofuel with the potential to replace bioethanol and biodiesel. By optimising the fermentation process, and using cheaper waste feedstocks, GBL aims to achieve significant reductions in cost.

GBL collaborates with industrial partners to deliver a complete process solution for biobutanol. GBL’s butanol production units can be fitted alongside plant sources, such as paper mills and sugar production facilities, and in the longer term the Company is committed to the development of biorefineries with multiple feedstocks and chemical products.

Green Biologics attracted £1.58 million from Carbon Trust Investments, Oxford Capital Partners, Dr Andrew Rickman and existing shareholders in October 2007.
For further information:

About Green Biologics management team
GBL’s Chairman is Dr Andrew Rickman OBE, a well-known investor in high growth technology businesses who was previously Founder and CEO of Bookham Technology plc, now Bookham Inc (Nasdaq BKHM), the world's largest producer of fibre optic communication components and sub-systems. He brings to GBL extensive experience of growing businesses in the global technology market.

Sean Sutcliffe, Chief Executive, has extensive commercial and operational experience across the energy and renewables sector. He was previously Chief Executive of Biofuels Corporation , which operates one of Europe’s largest biodiesel plants, and also held senior management positions in BG Group plc.
Dr Edward Green, Founder and Chief Technical Officer, developed GBL’s proprietary fermentation technology and processes and grew the company from start-up to 25 staff. He has delivered technical improvements in microbial fermentation processes for biofuel production over the past 17 years contributing to numerous scientific publications and patents.

Kristan Wadrop, Chief Operating Officer, was formerly responsible for operations at Vireol plc, including leading the development of a £150 million bioethanol plant, and has also held senior site development positions at ICI, in the UK and Far East.

Dr Basil Omar, Chief Commercial Officer, has extensive experience in business development and commercial operations, having held senior positions with high growth technology businesses including Holtronic Technologies, Sharp Corporation and SpectraSite Transco Communications.

Fergal O’Brien, Director of Process Operations, has extensive experience in managing technical programmes and commercialising novel technologies with previous positions including senior management roles at Celltech, Enzymatix, Chiroscience, Chirotech, Dow Pharmaceuticals and Warwick Effect Polymers.

Dr Tim Davies, Director of US Operations, has considerable experience in fermentation process optimization and protein purification. In 2001 Tim became the Director of the Bioexpression and Fermentation (BFF) contract facility at the University of Georgia and currently manages a team of scientists and technicians with a budget of over $500,000 per year.

About the Cleantech 100 Awards
The Cleantech 100 represents a rigorously selected group of private cleantech companies, deemed to represent the hottest prospects for the future, selected using unique Library House filters and an external expert panel of cleantech investors and company leaders.

Advisory panel members for the Cleantech 100 Awards include some of the most prominent cleantech investors and experts in Europe, with senior cleantech representatives from Siemens, Morgan Stanley, Virgin Green Fund, General Electric, Good Energies, Environmental Technologies Fund, The Carbon Trust and Kreos Capital.

The full Library House 2008 Cleantech 100 are released on 18 September 2008 and CEOs from all of the companies successful in making the final 100 listing will be invited to attend the Essential Cleantech Conference to be held in London on 25 September.

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Green Biologics Limited (GBL)
+ 44 (0)1865 811199

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