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Gizmox VWG Technology Now Available Through the Windows Azure Marketplace
VWG technology allows auto-transposition of client/server application code to Windows Azure

Tel Aviv, March 17 - Gizmox, the developer of the award-winning Visual WebGui (VWG) and cloud Platform, announced today that the Visual WebGui Instant CloudMove solution will now be available through the Windows Azure Marketplace. The partnership highlights Gizmox’a support of Windows Azure and provides enterprise customers with the shortest path to enabling their client/server applications on the cloud.

VWG enables the auto-transposition of application code that runs locally as a client/server application into an application that runs natively on Windows Azure as a rich Web application which can then be accessed in a secure-by-design mode from any plain browser including cross mobile and tablet devices and OSs. Instant CloudMove was designed to enable the transformation of client/server code to the Web or cloud. The solution targets the architectural gap between desktop and the Web/cloud by bridging that gap using a virtualization layer atop a Microsoft ASP.NET-based Web server.

Instant CloudMove supports the transformation of code from various client/server technologies such as Visual Basic 6, Oracle Forms, Power Builder, COBOL, Magic & others, as well as Microsoft .NET (Visual Basic.NET & C#), into rich Web or mobile secured-by-design browser based applications that run natively on Windows Azure. This means the application runs as native Web or cloud whilst maintaining its pure .NET code, and that the entire process can be done without disrupting the use of the application on the original platform. This was demonstrated in a joint webcast presented by Gizmox and the Windows Azure team. Get the webcast recording here:

“Microsoft is excited to feature Gizmox’s Visual WebGui Instant CloudMove in the Windows Azure Marketplace,” said Aashish Dhamdhere, senior product marketing manager for Windows Azure at Microsoft Corp. “Through VWG, customers can easily migrate applications to Windows Azure with minimal cost and disruption.” Gizmox is one of the lead partners in Microsoft’s Building Blocks Initiative- a new program to onboard technology and business partners to accelerate the adoption and penetration of Windows Azure with ISVs, Enterprise Developers and IT Pros. Under this initiative Microsoft supports partners who have developed Windows Azure applications that could catalyze and ease the adoption of Windows Azure for the end customers.

'We are delighted that Microsoft is featuring our technology in the Windows Azure Marketplace” commented Navot Peled, President of Gizmox. “Instant CloudMove is the native .NET to Web/cloud application move solution that addresses the tens of billions of client/server lines of code in the enterprises - particularly Visual Basic 6 and .NET, and offers the shortest path to Windows Azure. It also offers the shortest path from legacy systems such as COBOL, Oracle Forms, Power Builder and others to Windows Azure. The joint offering also includes special pricing to encourage enterprises to move to the cloud. We offer attractive proof of concept programs that lets enterprises build their confidence with Visual WebGui and Windows Azure. Other alternatives such as desktop and application virtualization are very restrictive in terms of scalability, security and accessibility. Offering the VWG solution in the Windows Azure Marketplace will ensure that those enterprises wishing to migrate to the cloud can enjoy all the benefits that our solution offers.'

The joint offering is available from the Windows Azure Marketplace:

About Visual WebGui
Visual WebGui,, is the first secured-by-design .NET open source Ajax empowered Web/Cloud and Mobile HTML and HTML5-based application platform. It reproduces uncompromised desktop functionality richness on the Web, Cloud and Mobile at commoditized costs. The Visual WebGui solution offers features that build, migrate, run and manage Web, Cloud and Mobile applications. It removes the Ajax complexities and limitations for business applications, as well as the web cloud and mobile’s single most limiting factor – the network limitation. It enables applications of any size and weight to be used on desktop, web, cloud and mobile from the same codebase, essentially forever changing the way businesses use web, cloud and mobiles for their organizational needs. In 3 years, Visual WebGui has more than 700,000 downloads of its software and over 35,000 VWG applications that are already in production, at first tier organizations such as SAP, IBM, Israel Aerospace Industry, Visa, Texas Instruments, banks, medical, government and military institutions.

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