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Appear Networks receives Frost & Sullivan’s Excellence in Technology Award

Stockholm, September 21st 2005 – Frost & Sullivan, a leading growth consulting company, announced today that the 2005 Excellence in Technology of the Year Award in Mobile Software Solutions for Intelligent Real-Time Voice and Data Communications goes to Sweden-based Appear Networks in recognition of the company’s development of an Intelligent Wireless Communication platform, the Appear IQ.

The Appear IQ is a breakthrough open design wireless communication platform designed to meet the needs of mobile frontline workers and facilitate their successful use of technology. This highly scalable platform adds a layer of computing intelligence to standard wireless data networks, transforming them into channels for delivering relevant data, mission critical video and facilitating communication via Voice over IP (VoIP). Its core is the Appear Context Engine, and its ability to recognize and anticipate the needs of mobile workers based on their job responsibilities, physical location, time-of-day, device type and more.

The platform proactively pushes personalized, real-time information to the user’s handheld device whenever they enter or move between authorized wireless zones. Data is displayed in a user-friendly format using simple, straightforward icons that encourage user adoption of the technology. The provisioning of new applications and the synchronization of data is conducted automatically whenever necessary, without impact on the user. The end result is a successfully deployed mobile workforce - more productive frontline employees, a drop in the cost of operating their handheld devices and enhanced customer satisfaction therefore reducing customer churn.

“The Appear Context Engine detects what are the most relevant applications that need to be displayed in the users’ handheld devices from the user specific data that it has compiled and then sends the concerned data. This enhances effectiveness, productivity, customer and employee satisfaction,” says Frost & Sullivan Research Analyst Vedavalli Rangan.

The Appear IQ turns a standard WLAN hotspot into a powerful productivity tool referred as “Workspot” that has the ability to support and deliver a much wider range of applications than Web browsing and email capabilities.

“Take the example of RATP, the Paris Subway and Bus Authority” says Xavier Aubry, Chief Operating Officer, Appear Networks. “RATP selected Appear Networks among 25 competing consortiums to be the main supplier of their common mobile application platform serving 5,000 RATP mobile employees. Together with our partners Capgemini, Cisco and Intel, we are now deploying similar platforms in order to support customer information, security and maintenance applications in other industries such as air transport, education, government, retail and hospitality.”

“Think Google. Think Skype. These two companies have proven that they can make millions of users more effective by providing leaner methods to perform information search or VoIP connections, says Ann-Louise Palm, Chief Executive Officer, Appear Networks. “We are committed to combining these two trends and creating, with Appear IQ, the next generation tool for the mobile worker: in other words, a reverse search engine, with VoIP capabilities”.

About Appear Networks: Appear Networks is a leading provider of wireless communication platforms that enable successful enterprise mobility solutions. The Appear IQ suite of products transforms standard wireless data networks into multimedia channels for the proactive delivery of personalized, real-time information, mission-critical video and VoIP communication to mobile workers. In mobile environments, Appear IQ makes technology accessible and intuitive, leveraging existing IT investments to maximize employee productivity and the effectiveness of customer interactions. Appear IQ is used by leaders in the transportation, telecommunication and public sector, including, among others, Stockholm Subway (SL), Paris

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Appear Networks
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