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NOCTRON established relationship with Chinese LED-Lighting manufacturer
to produce the new noctrel light for China starting 2007!

After the Luxembourg State visit to China, NOCTRON started negotiations with a major Chinese Solid-State Lighting (SSL) manufacturer and only two weeks ago both parties signed already a Memorandum of Understanding in China.

Currently it is being evaluated, whether partnering or taking over is the perfect solution. 'NOCTRON is open for both scenarios, but we are in favour of being taken over by the right company since this speeds up the process of bringing our newest invention in large quantities to market' states Paul Moody, Director of Business Development of NOCTRON.

NOCTRON holds the intellectual property rights for noctrel - the first encapsulated high-power Solid-State light element providing double-sided light output like an incandescent light bulb. The encapsulated Solid-State Element can be used in almost any light fixture designed for 360 degrees light emission. noctrel consumes only a fraction of the energy of the Edison light bulb, yet has a longevity of around 50 000 hours and allows much more flexible applications.

Together with the Chinese manufacturing resources, noctrel can already next year be produced and supplied in large quantities at an extremely competitive price, initially to China and later to the rest of the world.

'We will offer our element at a price, that allows the final noctrel light bulb to compete with most of the fluorescent light bulbs in the stores,' explains Frederic Tonhofer, Managing Director of NOCTRON, '…for 2007 we plan a test run of around 10 million light bulbs with the noctrel element, after that we will get serious.'

Moody goes even further, '…in fact in mass production by 2008 we are confident to manufacture our basic noctrel element for only 10 Eurocent a piece, I guess this will shake-up the industry.'

For China this could be an extremely fast and revolutionary way to solve part of their primary resource problem - energy consumption. 'If only half of China’s residents would replace one incandescent light bulb with a noctrel bulb, we are looking at an immediate demand of 650 million units', says Richard Witter, Head of Marketing of NOCTRON, ' …however there are not many households with only one light bulb. Not to mention all the rest of the world.'

NOCTRON is confident that noctrel will strongly impact the lighting industry in the very near future.

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+352 26 33 41 41

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